(Pocket-lint) - Part of the joy behind the gift-giving experience is finding an awesome present that's tailored to one person. But did you realise wrapping paper can further bring that present to a whole new (and geekier) level?

Surprising a person with a Christmas gift doesn't have to be all about the gift. From the moment they see the present, you can make their face light up. Just wrap the gift in a unique wrapping paper. There are tonnes of styles available.

In fact, we've found some of the coolest wrapping papers you can buy online. But they're not just any type of wrapping paper. We found geeky styles perfect for cloaking gadgets and delighting tech-savvy loved ones, friends, and family. Whether you're interested in binary code or video game characters, you should be able find the exact paper you need.

And if not, you can always try Wrap.me. It lets you upload photos and create custom paper (starting at £4.99 a roll). 


QR Code Wrapping Paper

Who doesn't love a good QR code? The geeky bonus of this wrapping paper is you can customise it with your own QR code meaning that you can make it actually do something when the recipients scans it with their smartphone. 

See the QR Code Qrapping Paper at Zazzle.com.


Game of Thrones wrapping paper

Game of Thrones might be over, but if you know someone that still can't get enough of it then this wrapping paper might be a great way to top off their gift. 

See the Game of Thrones/House Sigils wrapping paper at Spoonflower.com.


World of Warcraft Horde wrapping paper

This wrapping is officially licenced by World of Warcraft and lovingly created by one of the geekiest sites on the web. Brilliant for the massive geek in your life. 

View the World of Warcraft Horde wrapping paper at Jinx.com.

The Letter Room

Word Search Wrapping Paper

Know someone who loves a good word search? Then you can really make their present more interesting with this letter-tastic wrapping paper. Solve some puzzles and get a gift to boot.

See it at Not on the High Street


Turquoise, Blue-Green Pi Symbol wrapping paper

Pi is one of the very best numbers. Geeks love it as much as they love actual pie. This paper is perfect for the number fan in your life. 

See the Turquoise, Blue-Green Pi Symbol wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Math Homework wrapping paper

This wrapping paper seems perfect for those who need to prove to their parents that they have been doing their homework. It might also work as a good excuse for not handing that homework in when it's due. Certainly more believable than the dog ate it. 

See the Math Homework wrapping paper at Spoonflower.com.

Blue Planet Boutique

QR Code Geek Christmas wrapping paper

If the other QR wrapping paper was a bit too black and white for you and you want something more colourful then Zazzle has you covered. 

See this QR Code Geek Christmas wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.

Colors and Designs/Zazzle

Periodic Table Chemistry wrapping paper

The perfect finishing touch to the chemistry or science enthusiast in your life. This Periodic Table wrapping paper is certainly full of chemicals and minerals. 

View the Periodic Table Chemistry wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Oh, Space Boy wrapping paper

If you have a young person if your life that absolutely adores space then this pattern is bound to blast their rockets. It's also available in wrappings, table cloths and more!

View the Oh, Space Boy wrapping paper at Spoonflower.com.

Random Fun/Zazzle

Blackboard Math Equations wrapping paper

At first, it might look like someone has just scrawled all over some black paper, but this geeky wrapping paper is actually meant to be smart equations on a blackboard. It looks fantastic. 

View the Blackboard Math Equations wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Pac-Man Ghost Printable wrapping paper

Pac-Man is certainly a familiar character, even for non-gamers. This brilliant simple wrapping paper has the added bonus of being free as it's just a template you can print yourself. Making it great for anyone and cheap too!

View Pac-Man Ghost Printable wrapping paper at Minieco.co.uk.

Astronomy Gift Shop

Orion Nebula Gift wrapping paper

For the people in your life who love space, this wrapping paper is a must purchase. A snazzy view that looks like it's come straight from the Hubble Space Telescope. 

See the Orion Nebula Gift wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.

WTF Shirts/Zazzle

Not Bad Meme Wrapping Paper

This particular meme turned into wrapping paper seems like a great way to prepare someone for a semi-decent, totally-not-disappointing gift. Putting them in the "not bad" mindset before they've unwrapped. 

See the Not Bad Meme Wrapping Paper Zazzle.com.

Made On Terra/Amazon

Calculus Equations wrapping paper

Another one for the maths geeks out there, this wrapping paper shows off various calculus equations including the classics.

View Nerdy Geeky Math Calculus Equations wrapping paper on Amazon.com.

Cool Gift Shop/Zazzle

Nerdy gift wrapping paper

We love how this wrapping paper combines what looks like a periodic table design with the word "Nerds". That's one way to tell your friends how you feel about them. 

View the Nerdy gift wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Binary Code wrapping paper

We're not actually sure if this Binary Code wrapping paper spells anything out, but maybe you could cut it in just the right way so it does? Or get the inspiration to print your own with a hidden message for your loved one. 

See the Binary Code wrapping paper at 7thhouseontheleft.com.


Minecraft Diamond wrapping paper

You can really dig a present like this! (See what we did there?) 

For the Minecraft fan in your life this wrapping paper is a sure-fire hit. 

See the Minecraft Diamond wrapping paper on Amazon.com.


Inside Technology wrapping paper

If your giftee loves the idea of taking technology apart and you've bought them a tech gift, you can hopefully stop them ruining it by showing them the inside before they even unwrap it. 

View the Inside Technology wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.

Buttons Bags and Bows

Beetlejuice Black & White Stripes wrapping paper

One of the simplest wrapping papers on our list, but if you know, then you know. And if you don't know then you just have some clean looking paper. 

Click to see the Black & White Stripes wrapping paper at Amazon.com.

PollyWollyDoodles by Sonja Quidama

Android wrapping paper

For the Android fan, this green droid wrapping paper is a perfect way to top off an awesome gift. 

View the Cute Green Android Robot gift wrap paper at Zazzle.com.


Circuit Board Geek wrapping paper

Another geeky wrapping paper with a circuit board design. Ideal for the tech geek who loves seeing the inner workings of things. 

See the Circuit Board Geek wrapping paper on Amazon.com.


Binary in Black & White wrapping paper

Yes, we've included two lots of binary wrapping papers on this list, but this one is pretty unique, with different sized digits and a brilliantly simple design. 

See this Binary in Black & White wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Atom Geek wrapping paper

This is actually a comical wrapping paper on several levels. Not least of which is everything is made of atoms, including this wrapper. 

View the Atom Geek wrapping paper on Zazzle.com.


Tetris Squares On Black wrapping paper

Tetris is an utter gaming classic and it turns out that it also makes for some pretty nifty wrapping paper too. Colourful and cool. 

View the Tetris Squares On Black wrapping paper on Spoonflower.com.


Android wrapping paper

If the other Android wrapping paper was a bit too colourful and you want something a bit more subtle, then perhaps this one is the one for you. 

View this Android wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Space Invaders wrapping paper

Another utter gaming classic, this Space Invaders styled wrapping paper is not only fantastic looking, but it's also a great way to put a retro spin on your gift.  

See the Binary in Black & White wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.

Unidentified Flying Pixel/Zazzle

Planetary wrapping paper

A wrapping paper that includes a view of all your favourite planets. Brilliant for space lovers and an utterly geeky wrapping paper for your gifts. 

See the All Planets Science Photos With Names gift wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


A Trip To The Moon wrapping paper

This wrapping is seemingly inspired by a film from 1902 by the same name. Which itself was inspired by a Jules Verne novel or two, so it's fairly cultured if nothing else. 

See A Trip To The Moon wrapping paper at Zazzle.com.


Video Game Geek wrapping paper

This wrapping paper is essentially a mishmash of images of retro game controllers. Perfect for the older gamer in your life. 

View the Video Game Geek wrapping paper at Spoonflower.com.


Star Trek characters

Another classic Trekkie wrapping with all your favourites including Captain Picard, Captain Kirk and Janeway too. Thoroughly nerdy!

See this Star Trek wrapping paper at Etsy


Space Invaders wrapping paper

Another awesome Space Invaders wrapping paper. This one has more of a Christmassy theme to it if you want something more traditional but with a slight bit of nerdy goodness too. 

See this Space Invaders wrapping paper at Etsy


Star Wars Droids wrapping paper

Star Wars characters on your wrapping paper, but in a geeky and cute way with a brilliant cartoony Christmas finish. This could only be better with few Wookies thrown into the mix. 

See this wrapping paper at Hallmark

Wrap Me

Make your own wrapping paper online at Wrap.me

Writing by Maggie Tillman.