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(Pocket-lint) - The dream of a smartwatch is finally a reality so why not a laser watch? Both have featured in films dreaming about the future and now, finally, the laser watch that actually burns objects is a reality.

Before you start throwing money at the screen be warned, this was built by hobbyist Patrick Priebe for personal use. He calls it the "Bond inspired LaserWatch".

The LaserWatch features a machined metal body, LED watch module for a screen, clear carbon coated cover and a whopping 1,500-milliwatt laser. The laser is so powerful it can actually pop balloons and even light candles. The ideal party trick then.

The watch took Priebe around 40 hours to make so he said if he were asked to make more he'd charge at least $300. So getting one isn’t an impossibility then.

The laser on the watch lasts anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes before draining the battery. But since the battery is lithium-polymer and large, thanks to being built into the strap, it can be recharged for reuse.

We're not sure that this is strictly legal, be warned, but it certainly is cool – if not a little dangerous to have at the touch of a button which your wrist could set off by mistake.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.