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(Pocket-lint) - Finally the goal of electric bike manufacturers everywhere has been achieved in the aptly named Impossible. This electric bike folds down so small it'll fit in your backpack with room to spare.

Impossible, which deserves to win all the design awards, is a good looking bike that ingeniously folds down into a case that doubles as the saddle. It's currently on Kickstarter smashing its goal which is well deserved after three years in the planning.

Despite its size the Impossible bike is able to support weights of up to 85kg (in the first build at least) and can travel at 12.5mph for 45 minutes, or about 15.6 miles at "normal speed" thanks to its ten 2,900mAh batteries. It uses a brushless DC motor designed and built specifically for this bike that results in a pedal-free experience.

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Unfolding the bike for use is a four stage process: Unlock, Combine twisting out the saddle post and handlebars, Pull up to height, Put and Lock as the saddle is added and the frame locks in place.

The Kickstarter project will have white and black models with carbon fiber colour available exclusively through Kickstarter.

An Impossible folding electric bike can be yours for $530 Canadian which is about £300. Delivery is expected as soon as August 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 19 November 2014.