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(Pocket-lint) - Fontus is an amazing invention that is able to turn the moisture from the air into water, right into any 500ml bottle.

The Fontus design is one of the entries for the James Dyson Award, created by industrial designer Kristof Retezár.


The unit itself sits on a bicycle and is powered by solar cells. These allow warm moist air to be cooled by the Fontus via a chamber with perforated walls which slows the air long enough to lose its water molecules. The result, claims Retezár, is as much as 500ml of water in one hour - or a droplet per minute.

Obviously the amount of water attained depends on climactic conditions with warmer, moister weather resulting in better results. But that's ideal since it's those areas that are often most in need of fresh water.

James Dyson Awardsfontus turns air into water in your bottle as you move image 2

The design is seen in two ways: as a bike bottle that refills itself while you cycle, and as a means of delivering clean water to those in areas where it might otherwise be difficult to attain. The fact that those people will need bikes and the spare energy each day to cycle them doesn't seem to have been taken into consideration. But it's still better than no water at all or a muddy contaminated supply.

Fontus holds any 500ml bottle which can be swapped out easily. Here's hoping it wins the James Dyson Award so we get to see these on the market soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.