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(Pocket-lint) - Earlier this year Tony Hawk, skateboarding champion and star of many a game, released a video of himself and a few friends riding a Back to the Future II-style "hoverboard". It spread like wildfire and seemed convincing to some but was just a prank. The HUVr board was not real and all the action was pulled off using camera tricks and effects.

Since then though a genuine hoverboard has been revealed, the Hendo, that uses magnetism to glide a rider over a metal surface and the makers invited Hawk and journalist Dave Carnie to give it a go. And Hawk certainly makes the most of the opportunity.

As it can only hover a few inches above the ground, tricks are limited. However he manages to pull off a few neat moves that show some of the potential of a real-world hoverboard. They mainly involve spinning, but there is some ramp work in the video made of his exploits so well worth a watch.

A fully-working Hendo Hoverboard costs $10,000 (£6,387) but you can have a five-minute ride on one for $100 if you help fund the project. Find out more from the company's official website at hendohover.com.

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It's also worth giving Hawk's original HUVr video a re-watch too as, although it was fake, it's actually well done.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 18 November 2014.