If riding a bike didn't already seem green-minded enough then riding one on a solar road should do the trick.

The world's first solar cycle path has been installed in The Netherlands. The path acts like a normal cycle path with a smooth surface for riding but at the same time it's absorbing sun rays and converting them to electricity.

The road is a pilot test right now but the plan is to roll it out onto roads where it will wirelessley charge cars, power street lights, traffic systems and even houses.

The SolaRoad creation will be open to the public from 12 November where they can cycle the 70 metre route, which will be extended to 100 metres in the future. This is a pilot project at the moment with testing and technology improvements expected to be carried out from the use of this strip of path.

The road consists of concrete modules of 2.5m x 3.5m with solar cells fitted under 1cm thick tempered glass. The expected cost for this cycle path alone is $3.7 million, so it's certainly not cheap. But as this catches on costs should drop, especially as this becomes a viable way to power electric cars – we'd certainly pay towards this over petrol costs.

The roads, when they're used for cars, can also feature sensors allowing for traffic information as well as guidance for self-driving cars.

Solar Roadways developed a similar technology shown off on Indiegogo recently. Perhaps this could become a competitive market soon to drive prices down and increase production of these roads in the near future.

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