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(Pocket-lint) - It's been a while since the restrictions on using electronic devices during take off and landing on an aircraft were lifted, but if flight attendants in the US get their way, the ban will be reinstated.

The Association of Flight Attendants is taking the Federal Aviation Administration to court. It was the first regulatory body to lift the ban, leading to others around the globe following suit, but the flight attendants are arguing that not only has it lead to passengers ignoring important emergency announcements prior to take off, the ruling contravenes federal regulations that passengers must stow all items during critical times of a flight.

However, Justice Department lawyers who represent the FAA claim that the guidance permits fliers to keep smaller devices in their hands during all stages of a flight. Small devices are not governed by the stowage rule.

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The attendants' association does not agree and cites an incident where a tablet became a projectile during turbulence.

"Essentially we want to set the reset button to the way personal electronic devices were handled prior to October 2013," said Amanda Duré, attorney for the flight attendants.

Take offs and landings, she claimed, "are the two most critical phases of flight with the most chance of turbulence and accidents."

The lawsuit has been filed since late December last year but the petition has only been made public.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 13 October 2014.