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(Pocket-lint) - Transport for London has announced its driverless Tube service, and released mocked-up images. The trains, that run automatically, are due to begin coming into service around mid-2020.

Tfl has announced that there will be 250 new Tube trains for the Bakerloo, Central, Picadilly plus Waterloo & City lines. They will all feature walk-though carriages, air-cooling and a larger capacity. They will also be able to run automatically.

The new trains will add 25 per cent more capacity to the Central and Bakerloo lines with 50 per cent for Waterloo & City plus 60 per cent to the Picadilly line. New signalling should also help to improve the regularity of the services running. And should drivers striking become an issue it sounds like the trains will be able to keep running themselves.

The trains should also feature video screens for maps and advertising. Protective platform doors, like found on the Jubilee line, should start to roll out to more platforms also.

TfL says on its website: "The trains will be designed and built to be capable of fully automatic operation. When the trains first enter service, they will have an operator on board. We would only consider implementing full automation following extensive engagement with our customers, stakeholders, staff and trade unions."

Expect the new trains to arrive from 2020 but how long this will actually take to roll out, let alone go automated, is anybody's guess.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 9 October 2014.