The modern age has given birth to a tonne of high-tech pet gadgets that make ole' stuffed animals or feather-on-a-string products look rather lame.

If you're the type of pet lover who enjoys indulging a cat or dog, than you'll love what Pocket-lint has rounded up. We have scoured the internet for the best and most technology-packed trackers, feeders, games, and other over-the-top (and possibly frivolous) toys that will make you and your neighbors and their pets jealous of your animal. We've even included some wearables.

Do you actually need a medium-sized cube that allows you to remotely talk and play with your dog? Probably not. But click through the gallery below anyway to see 15 of the most incredible pet gadgets we could find. We're sure you will discover at least one accessory that successfully combines both of your greatest loves: tech and pets.

Although some of them feature similar functionality, they're all interesting and worth checking out. And if we somehow forgot to include an even more incredible one, share it with us in the comments.