Crowdfunding sites pave the way for gadget innovation.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo, for example, allow everyone from artists to entrepreneurs to publish their ideas online and potentially raise funds that'll help turn their ideas into something tangible and real. Startups typically need money from investors in order to run, but some people and newbie businesses don't have the right connections or resources to even get that far.

Crowdfunding sites are the best tools available in those instances. You can use them to easily post a campaign for your idea, complete with a promo video and descriptive backstory, if you so wish. People from across the world can then view your idea and maybe pledge a certain amount toward it, though in return backers often receive the final version of your idea (invent a gadget, and then they get that gadget).

In fact, this 21st century method of funding has given life to some amazing ideas (such as Pebble, Ouya, and others). That said, if you're interested in putting some of your spare cash toward what could be the next biggest thing in technology, check out the gallery below. We've rounded up some of the best crowdfunded gadgets you can support right now.

Happy backing!