MakerBot, the 3D printing company that was bought by Stratasys for $403 million last year, is going big on 3D printing in UK schools.

In an interview with company CEO, Jenny Lawton, Pocket-lint was exclusively told that next year MakerBot would have plenty of its business from education.

MarkerBots are already in schools across the country but in 2015 sales are going to grow as more schools demand more printers. All education areas are investing, using 3D printers as a way to teach children. The famous dissected frog can be 3D printed for biology lessons without the need for more frog death. 

Early design training in software, like CAD, is a great way of educating youth in the future of 3D printing while at the same time teaching them computer use outside of social media and YouTube videos. Teachers are also using Thingiverse to share designs that are used by other schools.

3D printing is constantly making leaps and bounds like printing human organs, skin, food, entire houses or cars and even metal aeroplane parts. Educating children in these machines, which will be a huge part of future jobs, makes sense.

MakerBot's Jenny Lawton told us 2015 will also see some exciting new material announcements. When we pressed the matter we were told, "it's exciting but you'll have to wait". We'd expect more flexible plastics, recyclable materials and even food variants incoming.

The MakerBot Replicator 2X printer comes with an experimental dual extruder that allows users to try new materials. This is pushing boundaries and is likely a part of where new materials were discovered that will come into the mainstream next year.

MakerBot's 3D printers in schools are almost enough to make us wish we were back in school, almost.

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