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(Pocket-lint) - Technology lovers in dire need of a holiday are in luck when it comes to hotel choices.

Thanks to the increasing demand of gadgets and all-things electronic in today's age, even the places you book for an overnight stay can come chock-full of fancy amenities. From Spain and Seattle, there are several hotels and motels and inns to choose from. But only a select few are high-tech and offer guests an automated experience or the latest toys at no extra cost.

If you're wondering where these magical (or should we say "technical") spots are located, look no further. Pocket-lint has rounded up a list of five high-tech hotels from across the world, in no particular order. While many of them are amazingly modern, with bits of industrial design or space-age thinking included, some might have extensive waiting lists and expensive price tags to boot.

Still, they're worth drooling over and adding to your ever-growing wish-list, right?

Hotel 1000 in Seattle

Average price a night: $329 for Luxe King Guest room

If you're a guest at Hotel 1000, you don't have to hang a “Do Not Disturb ” sign on the doorknob. Each room contains an infrared sensor that detects body heat and can tell the housekeeping staff if someone is in the room.

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There's even a virtual golf club that lets guests practice their swing in a simulated environment. Another infrared tracking system allows the virtual golf club to measure the height and speed of balls, helping guests to improve their results.

Hotel 1000 further has a two separate 100MB super-fast lines of broadband available as well as a converged IP infrastructure that allows guests to choose their own room temperature, artwork, and music.

Yotel in New York

Average price a night: $269 for Premium Queen Cabin

Yotel offers a robot called Yoboto that kind of acts like Rosie from The Jetsons show. It helps with your luggage, for instance, after you get your key through a check-in terminal. More specifically, it is a luggage management system that will safely put all your belongings in lock boxes.

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As for the rooms, they each feature techno walls - connected to super-speedy Wi-Fi - that can stream audio. Every room also has a work desk outfitted with a flat screen TV, iPod/ MP3 connectivity, and multi power point sockets.

But that's not all: central air conditioning is activated by motion sensors.

Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine in Spain

Average price a night: $307 for a standard room, $707 for suites

Abad ía Retuerta Le Domaine is a winery, hotel, and a converted 12th-century abbey. But its most notable attribute is that guests have access to Google Glass when visiting the hotel's vineyards and historic site.

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Located within Spain's Douro wine country, the Abadia Retuerta Le Domaine, also known as simply Le Domaine, offers Google Glass headsets to guests as they tour the abbey and its surroundings. And it won't cost them a single thing, other than the price of a room of course.

The device allows guests to take photos and videos and share them on social networks as well as look up information about the region. Guests can even use it to make phone calls, like normal. Any photos taken with Google Glass are saved to memory cards that guests can keep too.

The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo

Average price a night: $485 for Superior room

If you love Pokemon, then you will love The Peninsula Hotel. It features an interactive Pokemon exhibit.

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Guests of all ages can don a Pikachu hat and - equipped with a Poke ball - explore an "imaginative hotel-wide quest to seek out Pokemon characters". The digital exhibit is notably powered by advanced optics technology, creating an augmented-reality experience.

The hotel also features an electronics service department, comprised of electronic, software, and hardware engineers who can respond to guests' needs (including troubleshooting the room amenities that range from unlimited internet radio and a mood lighting pad to a wireless phones with Skype).

Hub by Premier Inn

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Whitbread Hotels, owner of the Premier Inn chain, has opened the doors to a new hotel in a new range of high-tech places to stay. Hub by Premier Inn is full of gadgets and smart devices that can be controlled by a guest through a smartphone or tablet app.

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Bookings for the first Hub, located in London's Covent Garden, are now being taken and can be made through the dedicated application. The same app can then be used when in your room, as it can control some of the features inside.

The app enables a guest to change the channels on the in-room Smart TV, using their own phone or tablet. And the room temperature and lights can be adjusted through the application too.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 30 September 2014.