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(Pocket-lint) - Virgin Atlantic is set to become the first European carrier to offer Gogo connectivity.

More interesting however is that Gogo’s 2Ku system will be available in all Virgin Atlantic aircraft, essenially providing passengers with in-flight Wi-Fi service that includes share connections of up to 70Mbps through a satellite link. The company's ground-based wireless broadband only offers shared 3.1Mbps.

Gogo's 2Ku technology features the same low-profile antennas as existing Ground to Orbit tech currently used in North American flights, but instead of using Gogo's Air-to-Ground solution for the return link to the ground, it has two low-profile, high efficiency Ku-band satellite antennas.

Not only will this allow for greater speeds, but it will work worldwide and on long-haul international flights. Japan Airlines was the first launch partner for the service and planned to make it available to consumers in mid-2015, with Gogo emphasising it planned to increase speeds even further.

It is not known how much Gogo will charge for in-flight wireless broadband on Virgin Atlantic flights, but it currently offers an all-day pass for $14 (£8.36) when bought in advance for use when on North American planes. Still, the option will give passengers more choice and connectivity options.

"We were impressed with Gogo's connectivity solution and look forward to all of our customers being able to enjoy this service whilst they fly," Virgin Atlantic announced in a press release statement.

For Gogo, a public US-based mobile broadband company, the deal with England-based Virgin Atlantic means it is achieving global expansion. And shareholders always love that.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 18 September 2014.