It is inevitable with technology and gadgets that they will eventually be refreshed and bettered in many ways, often leaving you one step behind the latest trends. And with many devices, that refresh can come too soon.

Smartphones are often on a yearly update cycle and that's if you are brand loyal. You could get a better device just a few months later if you want to switch allegiance. Plus, thanks to chipsets becoming more powerful and cheaper, other everyday gadgets are often replaced by something smaller or greater in performance and feature set.

The ones who suffer most from an industry obsessed with moving forward rapidly are those who decide to plump for that phone, tablet or games console, only to find a brand new one ready to take its place within weeks.

So here's our guide to the gadgets you absolutely should wait for as they are soon to be superseded by improved versions.

iPhone 5S

You won't have to stave off your iPhone buying long as the iPhone 6 is around the corner. On Friday 19 September, you will be able to buy either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, with the former at the same price points as the iPhone 5S was just over a week ago.

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Admittedly, Apple has slashed £100 off the price of its current generation smartphones, which might tempt you. But we'd recommend you hold on and save up that little bit extra, if that's what it takes, as you get contactless payments, a faster device and, no matter which one you choose, a larger screen. Even the iPhone 6's 4.7-inch screen makes the 5S look tiddly.

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Although we're yet to have official confirmation that a new front-lit Kindle is on its way, Japanese and German Amazon stores accidentally posted details of an Amazon Kindle Voyage before hastily taken them down again. Yep, a Kindle refresh is on its way so it would be foolish to invest in a Paperwhite when it looks like an update is on its way prior to Christmas.

Few details were accessible for the Voyage, but the listings claimed it would be the "thinnest Kindle ever" and have a 300ppi Paperwhite screen that will be high resolution and high contrast - a bit like the lovely screen on the Kobo Aura H2O we saw at IFA.

Google Nexus 5

Like Apple, Google is due a refresh of its own-branded smartphone and all the rumours and speculation point to a Nexus 6 (AKA Nexus X) being launched soon. Benchmarks for the device have been spotted online and an Indian shipping document shows a prospective prototype version having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor - top of the line at present.

It's worth waiting therefore to see how it pans out before deciding to cough up cold, hard cash for a phone with a raw Android experience. More and possibly official news is expected for October.

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Nintendo 3DS

While they've been around longer than a year before being rejigged, the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL are being updated and relaunched.

Called the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, the refreshed versions will have more buttons for use in certain titles and better 3D screens than ever before. Hence the advice to wait. The screens will have wider viewing angles for the 3D effect, claims Nintendo so who knows? Maybe we'll keep the 3D switched on this time.

Unfortunately, those in the UK and Europe might have to wait a bit longer than others for the new versions - 2015 is the only indication so far given by Nintendo. Japanese gamers will get them before the end of this year, however, so maybe there'll be a change of mind.

iPad (mini with Retina display or Air)

We're taking an educated guess here, but we think, based on leaked casing parts and the like, we'll still see an iPad refresh before the year is out. Indeed, the smart money is on Apple still having an October announcement event, which will become more apparent when it has completed its massive (in more sense than one) iPhone 6 rollout.

There are few details on what improvements might benefit a new iPad mini or iPad, but we fully expect them to get the Touch ID fingerprint scanner - as revealed in some leaks - and the new A8 processor found in the new phones. Best at least wait to find out, eh?

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