There are four new bicycles coming from Moustache Bikes. They're electric, work on different terrains, and designed by Phillppe Starck.

Starck is a prolific French designer who has created everything from office supplies to food. And now he can add electric bicycles to his bursting portfolio. He has collaborated with electric bicycle maker Moustache Bikes to design the M.A.S.S. collection. It features four, two-wheeled bicycles, and each bicyle can zip along on various terrains: mud, asphalt, snow, and sand.

The most unsual of the collection is Snow bike. It boasts a mono-arm front fork that won't suffer from ice build up. It also has thick tires and a synthetic-fu cozy that protects the frame, battery, and electronics from freezing temperatures: "I wanted the bike to be able to go over all kinds of terrains and especially infinite and poetic territories," said Starck in a press release.

who wouldn’t want an electric bike when they look this good  image 2

Moustache Bikes unveiled its electric bicycles last month at the Eurobike trade fair. No word yet on pricing but much on the technology behind the collection has been made available. You can pedal the bicycles like normal, or you could use their electric 250-watt Bosch motor, powered by a Bosch lithium-ion battery that weighs 5.3 pounds and charges in 3.5 hours. On average you'll get around 18 miles from the pack.

Each bicycles also offers five modes (eco, tour, sport, turbo, or walk assist) and can go up to 15.5 miles per hour - except for the asphalt model that goes up 28 miles per hour. You can also get coordinated accessories to go with the bicycles, such as helmets, glasses, gloves, and a backpack, though Starck didn't work on those products.

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