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(Pocket-lint) - The MOTA SmartRing has reached its funding goal on Indiegogo with four days to go, which means it will be shipping to backers in April next year. And as the funding round is open until 3 October, you can still nab one for $75 (£46), plus $5 shipping to locations outside the US.

After that date MOTA will open a pre-order page for others who missed out.

Like a smartwatch, the SmartRing connects to your mobile, either iPhone or Android, via Bluetooth 4.0 LE and displays notifications on its LED touchscreen.

However, the idea of wearing a ring, rather than a watch, is to offer a more subtle way of viewing notifications which shouldn’t take you out of the situation you're in – or at least not let people realise your focusing on your alerts. You can even assign specific vibrations for certain people or messages so you know who or what it is without looking.

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The SmartRing will be able to display texts, calls, emails, Facebook and Twitter alerts and more as the SDK is further developed.

It will use wireless charging so all it needs is to be placed on a wireless charging plate to get back to full power. Battery life hasn't been mentioned yet but we'd imagine it will have to last at least a day or two for anyone to want it.

And the device is shock and water resistant meaning you can treat it like any other ring and it will keep on going.

"With this critical phase behind us, are we done? No way. We’re now laser focused on getting the MOTA SmartRing into production," said Kevin Faro after the funding goal was met.

"Please stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks and months. We have some exciting news we hope to share with you soon. And please do continue contributing comments or pinging us directly – your feedback has been invaluable.

"You folks are awesome!"

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Writing by Luke Edwards and Rik Henderson. Originally published on 5 September 2014.