Have you ever wanted to know if your food is contaminated? Or maybe you'd love to instantly figure out the calories in that BBQ chicken leg. Well China-based Baidu has unveiled a set of smart chopsticks that can figure that all out, plus more.

Baidu recently posted a video to show off a new product that can detect oils and determine unsanitary levels of contamination. The product is actually a set of smart chopsticks, known as Kuaisou in Chinese. Not only can the smart chopsticks identify toxic foods, but it can also tell you the nutrional content of any food. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, revealed during a demo that it could even the origin of oil and water in food, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The company's promo video, for instance, showed how the smart chopsticks work with a smartphone app. During one test, Baidu submerged the chopsticks in oil and displayed how the app would alert people to either a "good" or "bad" reading. The company said the smart chopsticks measured the freshness of cooking oil and could measure additional elements like PH levels, temperature, and calories.

The smart chopsticks actually sound a lot like a food scanner currently being developed by scientists at GE Labs in New York. More specifically, the scientists are perfecting a technique that uses microwaves to scan any food and instantly deliver calorie count and fat content. Their universal calorie counter might one day be incorporated into an activity tracker, or possibly work with one, once completed.

Baidu still hasn't announced details like pricing for the smart chopstick but said it isn't yet available for mass production.