3D printing is an expensive prospect that is fast becoming affordable as makers create different printer options. Food printing is still a pioneering 3D printing front and has been even more pricey, until now. Candy has just launched on Kickstarter to bring affordable food 3D printing to all.

The Candy 3D printer uses a specialised extruder that is able to print pretty much any semi-solid food you can cram into the thing. So from printing a highly detailed cake design with chocolate to building a solid model from the ground up out of peanut butter, it's all possible.

The printer itself will be available for £299 on Kickstarter but for this who already own a 3D printer and simply want to upgrade it to print food there is an option to buy the extruder only. This plug and play device can be bought for £149 and should work with most current 3D printers.

The Candy 3D printer can print from designs created on a computer and sent directly from an SD card to the printer via its drive. Candy will come with an SD card with some pre-loaded designs to help get people started.

Candy is available to back on Kickstarter now with a release date planned for April 2015. The extruder alone is expected to start shipping in January 2015.

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