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(Pocket-lint) - There is a new gadget seeking crowd-funded backing that's small, affordable, and enables anyone to easily mix tunes on the fly - just like a DJ. It's called Openmix.

Openmix is an audio mixer that allows you to switch between two audio sources, such as a smartphone, mp3 player, tablet, computer, Walkman, etc, and it even features an audo crossfader for mixing tunes and creating smooth transitions. Simply plug Openmix into a speaker or sound system, as well as your audio sources, and you will be able to create and share music without having to buy any additional or expensive equipment.

The device itself is made of ABS plastic, weighs 17 g, and has the following dimmensions: 38mm x 51mm x 15 mm. Other hardware features include two 3.5mm male stereo jacks and a 3.5mm female stereo socket for audio inputs as well as a 3.5mm female socket for audio output. It further includes a 180-degree continuous stero crossfader that provides both low noise and volume drop-out.

The minimum Kickstarter pledge required to receive an early Openmix device is $29, but those are unfortunately all gone. If you hurry now however you can pledge $34 and get the Openmix with a lanyard, audio extension cable, and carrying case. You must include $10 extra in order to receive your parcel outside of the US, and don't expect delivery until January of next year.

Watch the Kickstarter video above for more information.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 2 September 2014.