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(Pocket-lint) - Smart wearables are all the rage but forking out for a new pair of trainers or shoes to track your steps is a bit much. Digitsole aims make any footwear smart and will even heat your toes.

Digitsole is now on Kickstarter where early birds can pick up a pair for $99 which is about £60. That gets you a set of soles which can be controlled via your smartphone to heat up to a toe-tingling 40-degrees Celsius. It does so using its built-in battery which can last for an impressive 8-hours before needing a charge via micro USB.

But it's not only a foot warmer, Digitsole will also efficiently track a user's steps. Since they sit in the soles of shoes they should offer super accurate step tracking and, with the app, can help users achieve daily fitness goals – including tracking calories burned.

Digitsole works with Android and iOS phones using Bluetooth 4.0 and the free app. This app allows for battery levels to be monitored, steps counted, metres walked, altitude tracked and of course to control the temperature of each foot.

The layers of the sole feature Poron TX3 for shock absorption, Soft Touch PU micro-fiber for heat distribution and Neotech for controlling vibrations while remaining lightweight and flexible.

If you manage to secure a pair of Digitsole from Kickstarter now they should be delivered by January 2015.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 September 2014.