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(Pocket-lint) - Smartphone and tablet accessory manufacturer QDOS has announced a tiny gadget that will help those who love taking selfies with their devices.

The QDOS Q-Pic is a small Bluetooth button, essentially, that can be worn around the neck and used to remotely control a smartphone or tablet's camera. It works with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 or greater or Android devices running Android 4.3 or greater.

No external application is required and the Q-Pic is simple to pair and use. You use the phone's own camera app and press the button to release the shutter. Wireless range is up to 30 metres.

It is covered in soft touch rubber and the internal battery is claimed to last up to 40,000 selfies before needing to be changed. As it's just a coin battery, the type you'll find in some watches, you can buy them from many stores - even pound shops.

The QDOS Q-Pic is available now in orange, green, pink, blue or black for £19.99. QDOS has it for sale on its own website at qdossound.com/selfie.

The company also has a range of small football-themed Bluetooth speakers available on its site that can stick to the back of your phone and double as stands.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 2 September 2014.