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(Pocket-lint) - If you're wearing a beanie, whatever the weather, you're already streetwise. And warm. But you might not be connected. Bearing this problem in mind Archos has created the Music Beanie to wirelessly transmit tunes to your head.

The Archos Music Beanie uses Bluetooth 2.0 to wirelessly transmit music from your smartphone or tablet to your ears. While Bluetooth 2.0 is a bit dated this idea is pretty new. And it fits in nicely with the whole wearable gadget revolution that's taking place right now.

Archos claims the beanie can deliver up to 8 hours of music and 60 hours in Sleep mode. Archos also says the sound quality has had extra attention paid to it when the earphones were being built into the beanie.

The Archos Beanie will be £30, available in many colours, and should go on sale in October – just in time for the winter then.

This is certainly an interesting way to go down the wearable route. It's a bit seasonally restrictive but does look good. The idea of forgetting your headphones when out and about but still be able to listen to music is a good one. We'll be interested to see just how popular this type of "smart" clothes becomes.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 2 September 2014.