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(Pocket-lint) - Just when you thought there was a smartwatch for every activity in mind...a new one comes along. And this latest entry into the wearables market is a sensor-packed wrist watch designed specifically for seniors. It's called Tempo.

Recently introduced through crowd-funding site Fundables, Tempo is a new smartwatch that's also a monitoring and alert system. The product's developer, CarePredict, said it implemented "innovative sensor technology to noninvasively track and record seniors’ day-to-day activities of life and let their children, loved ones and caregivers know when those patterns change."

It is easiest to think of Tempo as a little gadget that'll send you reports about how long your elder loved ones stay in bed, whether they're walking less and sitting more often, etc. It'll also tell you where they are currently located in their house and what they are doing, such as cooking in the kitchen. The smartwatch can even create a map of day-to-day habits and pick up on both gradual and immediate changes.

Both types of changes can often be indicators of a change in quality of life or even underlying medical conditions, according to CarePredict. Tempo will therefore send you an alert by text, email, or push notification - so you'll have the chance to reach out, check in and, if necessary, arrange for appropriate medical attention for the senior wearing Tempo. But Tempo isn't just a smartwatch.

tempo is a 3 piece smartwatch system just for seniors monitors daily patterns image 2

Temp is a system that actually features three devices: the wearable, room beacons for tracking movements, and a communications cub for transmission and deep analysis of collected data. The hub will even remind seniors to wear Tempo. The Tempo smartwatch is described as an unobtrusive watch that can also look like jewelry, while the entire Tempo system is a read-to-use setup that doesn't need installation and charges without cords and wires.

You can pledge $149 today to receive the complete Temp system plus three months of monitoring at no cost, meaning CarePredict likely plans to charge users for some monitoring services. The project on Fundables has 77 days left and has already raised 25 per cent of its $10,000 goal.

Watch Tempo's promo video on Fundables for more details. You can also check out the gallery below.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 14 August 2014.