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(Pocket-lint) - Ofcom has published its annual Communications Market Report and as part of the findings has revealed that six year-olds on average have the same technical knowledge as adults aged 45.

It's a staggering find really and is based on a test pool of 2,000 adults and 800 children from all around the UK. They were rated for their "DQ" score - Digital Quotient - which, like an IQ score tests for intelligence, rates each individual for their understanding of communications technology - smartphones, tablets, internet, that sort of thing.

Using the test, Ofcom found that the most tech savvy in the country at present are 14 and 15 year-olds, who scored on average a DQ score of 113. Adults between 40 and 44 years of age scored an average of 102, but that falls off sharply for the ages 45 to 49. They only scored on average a DQ of 96. Two less, in fact, than six to seven year-olds.

The test asks basic questions about your understanding of certain technologies and whether you use them. It even includes things like Google Glass, which has only been out in the UK for a short while, and the relatively new trend for smartwatches so next year's averages should rise. But the results are certainly interesting. Alarming in some cases, even.

forget iq take the dq test how tech savvy are you do you know more than a 6 year old  image 2

To find out where you would come in the scale and to get your own DQ score, Ofcom has created a simplified version of the test you can take online. It takes no more than three minutes and gives you a full score at the end. We encourage you to have a go and find out your own Digital Quotient result. You can even let us know about it in the comments below, if you like.

The test is located at ofcom.in/DQtest.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 7 August 2014.