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(Pocket-lint) - There's a new device available for pre-order that mounts to your car's dashboard and projects phone apps onto a display in front of your windscreen, so you can stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road. It's called Navdy.

Navdy is 5.1-inch wide transparent head-up display with a high-quality projector, IR camera for touchless gesture control, and sensors such as an accelerometer, e-compass, and ambient light sensor. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE, and it features an internal speaker and mic with noise cancelling DSP, as well as a dual core processor running Android 4.4, and a powered friction mount, with magnetic connection to the phone, among other things.

According to Navdy's website, all projected apps and information will appear as if they're floating six feet in front of you. Navdy will essentially extend the apps you already have on your phone, and it'll support gestures, enabling you to drive safely and swipe left or right to do things like answer calls or dismiss notifications, respectively. You no longer have to look down or touch a screen. Just keep your eyes looking straight ahead, like your normally would.

The types of notification you will see with Navdy include everything from text to social. Not only will Navdy project your phone data but it can also read things aloud or be disabled entirely. You decide what you want to see, and there's even a parental controls feature for newly-licensed teens. Navdy also supports voice commands through Google Voice and Siri, because it works with Android smartphones and iPhones.

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Navdy will recognise all the usual voice commands such as "compose new tweet", "write new text", or "call mom", etc. You can learn more about Navdy through the promo video above. Also, Navdy will work anywhere that a smartphone works, meaning you must have a data plan and a signal. Navdy will be offered in English and not localised for international orders, though it will work outside of the US.

Navdy is $299 and available for pre-order now through the Navdy website. It will ship in early 2015, when the retail price is expected to jump to $499.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 5 August 2014.