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(Pocket-lint) - Imagine recharging your battery in under 30-seconds, how easy keeping fully charged would be. Imagine no more, it's real.

Inventor Shawn West has managed to create a rechargeable battery, currently to replace normal AA, AAA, C and D sized batteries, which manage to super-fast re-charge. 

He has said on his Kickstarter video that he will be able to adapt this to work in mobile phones too.

Normal batteries use chemicals alone to hold charge in a battery, but Shawn's battery uses lithium-ion capacitors to store electrical energy. Previously these didn't work so well as they dissipated too quickly. He's managed to overcome that issue.

The battery is able to stay charged and continue holding that charge over long periods of time. So if you were to dig it out of a drawer it would be good as new and ready to go.

If this project works we could see this kind of fast charging in our mobiles in the future. You can get involved now by backing the project for as little as $25 which will get you an AA sized battery and charger. Shipping is planned for as soon as October 2014.

This is a really exciting project amidst all the news of battery breakthroughs which never seem to get built. Perhaps the work of this one man will be enough to push batteries forward at last, making long charges a thing of the last.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.