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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: The Teague Denny bike has won The Bike Design Project, meaning it will go into production soon.

This could be the ultimate bicycle, if it were available now. Unfortunately it's an entrant for the Oregon Manifest design project. But it may still get built bringing with it electric drive, automatic gears, storage and built-in locking.

On the front of the bike is a motor that can add assistive drive force for uphill climbs, or if you're just feeling lazy. Crucially the battery is slim enough to fit in a bag so it can be taken in for a recharge and should be light.

The same power is used to control the electric gears which are able to automatically change allowing you to remain at a steady pedal pace throughout. Just like pro cyclists do to get optimal power without tiring.

The Teague designed Denny, also has oblong shaped handlebars which can be removed to double as a lock that fits around the bike and an anchor point. This can also be detached at just one end for quick locking to a lamppost.

Lighting is built-in and uses LEDs for low-power and long life. The front and rear lights are auto-on and the rear brightens when you brake. A flick of the left or right brake in a forward direction activates indicators to make turning safer too.

Much like a Boris bike the front has a storage level with built-in netting and straps allowing it to hold down plenty of different shaped objects.

Finally even the mud guards have been re-invented. They use a small brush to break up and flick away water, bringing the size and weight down.

Whichever bike wins the Oregon Manifest Bike Project will go into production. We know which we want to take the prize.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.