Comic-Con 2014 has wrapped up in San Diego. With comics bought and costumes back in cupboards we're left with a glut of greatness in the form of geek-friendly film trailers.

From Batman v Superman teasers to full mind-blowing Family Guy - Simpsons crossover trailers, Comic-Con 2014 was impressive.

Comic-Con was originally just a home for comic book fans to meet up, dress up, and get their rare comics signed by the creators. But as comics have become the source of many film adaptations the Comic-Con has also become the place to show off new trailers to halls of excited fans. It's also branched out to gaming and even gadgets.

This year has some great trailers for TV shows like the Family Guy – Simpsons crossover. And, since Game of Thrones appeals to the sort of crowd that attend Comic-Con, this year a blooper reel was shown off from season 4.

On the gaming front there was a teaser trailer shown off for the Warcraft film adaptation as well as one for the Tekken 7 game. The Walking Dead game was also confirmed for a third installment while a trailer was released for the fifth seasons of the The Walking Dead TV show.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max being remade so soon after the original could have been a bad thing. But then Tom Hardy was cast as the protagonist Max and things were looking up.

The fact that this film is coming from its original creator George Miller makes it even more promising. Then we saw this trailer. After throwing all our money at the screen we realised it wasn't going to work, we'll just have to wait until it's released in 2015.

Family Guy - Simpsons crossover

Finally the hugely anticipated Family Guy - Simpsons crossover has been teased at Comic-Con 2014.

The lengthy trailer reveals the Family Guy cast will be entering Springfield to live with The Simpsons. It doesn't shy away from issues that have been talked about in the past, like Family Guy copying The Simpsons, or Family relying on cut-away comedy. It looks genuinely hilarious with plenty of in-jokes.

Batman v Superman

Unfortunately the teaser trailer, shown off at Comic-Con with director Zach Snyder, has been taken down.

But an intrepid Comic-Con fan has managed to create a basic version of what the trailer showed. On top of that there's little else given away, except of course Wonder Woman's appearance. Check out the picture to see what she'll look like played by Gal Gadot.

best trailers of comic con 2014 batman v superman family guy simpsons game of thrones and more image 2

Game of Thrones season 4 bloopers

Now that Game of Thrones is over for another season we've got a long wait until it continues.

To keep us going the creators have released a side-tickling bloopers reel from season 4.


The Warcraft game is officially getting a movie adaptation. Unfortunately the Comic-Con teaser is exactly that, with the trailer that was shown still under wraps. All the teaser reveals is the title with moving graphics. But it was shown off by director Duncan Jones himself. He's known for directing Moon and Source Code, as well as being David Bowie's son. Warcraft has been shot and is now in post-production ahead of a 2016 release, suggesting it will be special effects heavy – perhaps making it game like. Could this be the first really good game to film adaptation?

The trailer was described by someone there. We start with a room full of Alliance weapons. Swords, shields and more. “I’ve spent more time protecting my king than my own son,” a character says in voiceover. Lots of men in Armor and some banners. “Does that make me loyal or a fool?” These are the Alliance humans. We cut to a green sky. Now we see the Horde orcs. They looked like if Shrek was real, but much scarier and realistic. Lord of the Rings quality. “I’ve lead thousands of warriors into battle. Does that make me a leader or a coward” The trailer then cuts between scenes of men preparing for battle, the orcs preparing for battle, and the two main voices echoing their similar philosophies. The orc home is an epic mountain space. Then the question, “Is war the only answer?” And then it begins. Battles. Flying. Swords. Hammers. An alliance griffin diving down into a battle. A man jumps on the back of the orc and stabs him in the chest. Then the logo above.


Constantine is getting another on-screen adaptation from its Hellblazer comic book origins. This time it's not a film starring Keanu Reeves but a TV series staring someone from the UK this time. He's from Wales, not Liverpool, like the comic book character but at least it's a bit closer and there's an accent.

It also looks genuinely creepy and isn't shy of showing the dark demonic world, while still throwing in the jokes expected from the comics. The storyline follows John Constantine, a man struggling with his faith, fighting the demonic forces of darkness.


This trailer shows off the comedy-horror film from Kevin Smith due out 19 September. That rare blend of fear and fun seems to be nailed by cult screenwriting legend Kevin Smith.

The story tells the tale of a man kidnapped by a Walrus obsessed crazy-man who wants to turn him into an animal.

The Hunger Games 3: Mockingjay

The third film in The Hunger Games trilogy, dubbed Mockingjay, has been unleashed at Comic-Con 2014.

The trailer shows Philip Seymour Hoffman's character talking about Katniss as being instrumental in uniting the rebellion. It's all built up to her, ultimately, saying she will fight for the rebellion. Despite being "beaten by the games" she's apparently got more to give which we can look forward to in November when the film is released.

Walking Dead season 5

The latest series of The Walking Dead has been revealed in a trailer at Comic-Con that, to be honest is a bit of a spoiler. Stop reading if you don't want to know any more.

The season starts with the gang trapped at Terminus, following on from the last episode. But rather than spend the time there they are let loose, with some new members, to get to Washington with the potential cure for the zombie infestation.

Arrow series 3

The third instalment in the Arrow TV series is due to arrive in October.

The trailer teases Brandon Routh, who played Superman in Superman Returns, as Ray Palmer who is also superhero Atom.

Tekken 7

The conclusion in the Tekken beat 'em up series has arrived.

It shows a fair bit of story including why Heihachi Mishima is trying to kill his grandson after killing his wife previously.