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(Pocket-lint) - Comic-Con 2014 held in San Diego, California every year is upon us once again and Batman is, as ever, a staple part of the event.

While most superheroes can rely on a heavy dose of super human powers, Batman is just an ordinary guy with a love of gadgets to help him fight the forces of evil.

While we aren't suggesting you don a bat suit and cape and head out on to streets of your local town pretending it is Gotham, we wondered just how easily anyone could become Batman.

We aren't talking about buying a tumbler, a huge mansion, or enlisting the services of a sensible butler, but with a utility belt of tech that is available to the non-billionaire types like you and us.

Here are six gadgets to get you started on a budget:

3D printed Batarang

become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 2

Batarangs have got Batman out of many a precarious situation. Now, for free, you can download CAD files to be 3D printed so you have your very own massive supply of Batarangs from yeggi.com.

Should you find yourself, after thwarting a bad guy, trying to celebrate with a bottle of beer and no opener, fear not. There's even a 3D printer file for a Batrang bottle opener. It wouldn't be a full Batman costume without that now would it?

Grappling hook

become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 7

Batman's legendry grappling gun isn't yet a reality, at least not one the public know about. But grappling hooks and rope are as old as ninjas, meaning you can easily buy one from Amazon (£15).

This military grade grappling hook is black, for that Batman feel, and comes with a 10 metre black nylon rope so you can trust it when walking up the side of a building in your Batsuit. Because falling is the only thing you need to worry about when you find yourself in that situation.

3D room mapping

become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 6

Google's Project Tango is currently in the developmental stages but it already has smartphone prototypes mapping their environment right now. Much like Batman uses in the Dark Knight movie.

Unlike Batman this will require you to hold the phone up so the sensors and cameras can map the room. The next step, hopefully, will be doing it directly from Google Glass, or from the confines of your Batbelt.

Mini recon drone

become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 5

Batman sees everything. What better way to plan your descent from above on unsuspecting criminals than to scope it out first. Send in the Hi-Max 1SQ drone (£90), which is small enough to fit into your Bat belt.

Of course you'll have to spray it black, but thanks to the removable outer shell that should be a doddle. The onboard camera will let you survey the area and should you need to take evasive maneuvers from enemy attacks the drone can even manage an automated flip.


become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 3

Buy Bat Parts is a website dedicated to caped crusaders being kitted correctly. It does that with the Batmobile ($80,000). The cars are replicas of the 1966 Batman TV series' Batmobile, each made with varying detail depending how far your Batbudget can stretch. They are made by a company called Fiberglass Freaks.

The basic model starts at $80,000 and the top end of the four options is $222,000. That's from £47,000 to £147,000 in pounds. The top end model features a 525hp LS3 Chevrolet Performance Crate engine and even has the classic Detect-O-Scope. And yes, it fires flames out of the exhaust.

Arm cuffs

become batman with these real world dark knight gadgets image 4

Batman's cuffs ($34) have often saved him from a mortal blow from a blade, and feature pretty heavily in the Dark Knight movies.

Thanks to their simple yet effective design you can buy your own set, complete with sharp metal blades. Though testing them in a sword-fight isn't recommended.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 24 July 2014.