There's a new device in the works that can stop both men and women from drinking beverages contaminated by drugs.

The device is called, and it recently launched on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, with the hopes of empowering people. How does it work? Simply immerse the pocket-sized, battery-powered into your drink. It is a re-usable stick of sorts that can collect a tiny sample of fluid and instantly identify if your drink has been modified. It can sometimes even tell you the exact drug name. does all this by also taking into account three characteristics: light, current, and temperature. In fact, the team behind said the device relies on technology that has been used by drug enforcement agencies, such as the US DEA, for years. will also work with your phone, alerting you with a text or call if your drink has been tampered with or drugged.

The goal is to give people the means - no matter the age or gender - to safely drink at a bar, social event, sporting event, work party, etc. But the team has to raise money first for engineering, software, manufacturing, testing, and shipping. Although it has a $100,000 goal, has already raised more than $5,000 and still has 39 days left to go until the campaign on Indiegogo ends.

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