(Pocket-lint) - Well this is going to win the entire internet today, a Game of Thrones iron throne that works as a stand for your phone. Despite it's amazing level of detail this is relatively easy to make. Got a few hours to spare this weekend?

The nimble fingered and creative tumb1r has uploaded the photos of the process he or she went through when making this mini iron throne.

What you will need is some packaging foam, a pack of novelty sword shaped cocktail sticks, some glue (ideally hot), a large round coaster, some thin clothing material, black and silver spray paints.

Firstly, cut out the throne into the correct shape. It will have square edges at this stage.

Secondly, round off the shape of the throne with a knife then glue it to the centre of the coaster. Affix some of the clothing material around the edge of the coaster so it's slightly raised.

Thirdly, cut strips of material out with pointed ends and lay them into the seat draping over the front and sides. Vary the length of each and stick with glue both to the chair and the coaster so every part is held in place.

Fourthly, paint cocktail sticks black. Cut off two cocktail stick handles and attach to the front corners of the throne. Stick more cocktail sticks into the throne back and stick more to the inside back.

Fifthly, stab more cocktail sticks into the rear of the throne back and stick more on the back, unpainted, some facing down with several pointy ends up. Affix more, of varying lengths around the front and sides of the seat.

Finish by spraying the coaster and bottom of chair black. Use paper to protect the silver swords from being sprayed black as you spray the rest black.

Optional extra: though it's not done in the example, you could cut a hole and affix your charger so the throne juices up your mobile too.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.