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(Pocket-lint) - Airport security staff may soon be out of work as a machine, Qylatron, that can recognise illegal objects has passed a test run working security at World Cup games in Brazil.

Qylatron is a machine that uses pods to scan bags as a person walks through the gate scanner. It scans so quickly that in the tie it takes to walk through the gate the user can pick up their bag and keep walking on the other side.

How the machine scans is still a secret but the pods do have a multi-view x-ray, radiation and chemical sensors. Plus it's smart brain is able to detect threatening objects like knives or guns. At the World Cup it also detected vuvuzelas, umbrellas, computers, megaphones and even those Kangaroos that Australians take in.

But airports weren't convinced so it was this World Cup test that would prove whether Qylatron worked or not. It did.

Of course humans need to be there too for when the machine detects something. But this makes the process much more efficient and a whole lot faster, apparently. We'd be impressed if this works as well as it's claimed, but after trying the "fast" ePassport at Heathrow we'll be reserving judgement for now.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 15 July 2014.