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(Pocket-lint) - The Elbrus-8C microprocessor is being made in Russia right now to make current computer chips look weak.

The processor will feature an impressive 8-cores, doubling the current efforts of most computers. It will also use 64-bit processing which is all the rage now as it allows for more complex tasks. Finally it's going to be built using 24nm architecture meaning it'll be small and consume very little power.

It's expected to be made by October this year and will be coupled in groups to manage 1 teraflop speeds, making it faster than most computers on the market today.

The Elbrus-8C will run at 1.3GHz which sounds low but with that many cores it should fly along. It will be capable of 250 gigaflops of computational power thanks to that 24nm architecture and 64-bit chips.

The chips are primarily being built for servers, workstations and other computers that demand a lot of power. Four-processor servers capable of hitting 1 teraflop performance will be shown off at the end of 2014.

The unique features of the chip include the "ability to perform on each core to 25 operations in a single clock cycle, which provides high performance at moderate clock frequency," according to mcst.ru which reported the news. The processor will also feature "dynamic binary translation technology, to ensure the effective execution of applications and operating systems, distributed in binary codes x86, including multi-threaded".

The Elbrus chips sound very impressive so hopefully they'll make their way into mainstream personal computing soon. Imagine gaming with that much power.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 14 July 2014.