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(Pocket-lint) - It was only a matter of time for crowd funding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to include weirder projects and products than the standard games, gadgets and movie plans.

Potato Salad famously created a stir and became something of a social sensation when it appeared on Kickstarter a few days ago. It has so far raised over $47,000 for one man to make his first potato salad, and there are still 21 days left.

Another very different project looking for funding is from Zabosu, a company that wants you to fund its plan to turn people into remote controlled human beings.

The idea behind Zabosu is that, through live streamed video and audio sent from a smartphone, a director commands and controls an actor's movements. They have to do (within reason) everything the director tells them to and get paid for the privilege. The director can therefore handle tasks from remote locations or even the other side of the world.

if you thought potato salad kickstarter was weird check out zabosu remote controlled humans image 4

For example, an actor could be guided through attending a trade show that the Zabosu subscriber could not get to. Or they can attend a viewing of a property in a different city or even country.

The company has devised the technology to send and receive the real time video and audio data, plus will release an app for Android that actors can download for free in order to receive offers from prospective directors.

"The inspiration for Zabosu came from Justin.tv, a web show in 2007 that followed Justin Kan as he roamed San Francisco with a backpack full of cellular data modems live streaming audio and video of his life, pretty much 24/7," said Karl Lautman, founder and CEO of Zabosu.

"At that time, I thought how much more interesting it would be if viewers could talk back to Justin and tell him what to do, but the technology just wasn't there yet. When I finally saw 4G cellular networks on the horizon, which are capable of the requisite 1Mbps upload speed, I began development of Zabosu in earnest."

Zabosu is currently available for funding on Kickstarter although, with only seven days left, is more than $93,000 short of its target.

Those that fund the project have been promised that they cash will be turned into credits for use on Zabosu, but that hasn't been enough of a lure as yet. Which is a shame because we can think of a million things we'd want to do with our controlled slave, ahem, actor.

Imagine an army of them? All under our control. We could take over the world. Bwah, ha ha. Er, sorry...

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 11 July 2014.