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(Pocket-lint) - The Acton R RocketSkates don't use rockets. But they are powered by electricity meaning the wearer can cruise along without any effort at all.

The RocketSkates have hit Kickstarter where they're already smashing the $50,000 goal with $113,388 raised at the point of publishing. Not surprising when you hear what they can do for the money.

There are going to be three variants of the RocketSkates: the R-6 that can manage 45 minutes (6 miles), R-8 that last 70 minutes (8 miles), and R-10 that go 90 minutes (10 miles) on a charge. They then take around 90 minutes to fully recharge. Not a bad set of numbers considering they chug you along at a hefty 12mph.

Should the battery run out, carrying the RocketSkates shouldn't be too much hassle as their strong honeycomb design and four brushless motors only weigh in at a total of 3.2kg each.

The RocketSkates go beyond your feet though as they come with an app running on open SDK. The app is great for measuring mileage and checking battery life but can also be used for games.

The skates are apparently easy to use as they react to the riders lean direction to control power. Pledges are going fast on Kickstarter with the cheapest, at the time of publishing being $399.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 10 July 2014.