Astronauts might be the best of the best, but even they need coffee. To keep these galactic pioneers happy Lavazza and Argotec have teamed up to create the first espresso machine that will work in space.

The ISSpresso is going to be installed, you guessed it, on the ISS (International Space Station) where it will be able to work in the extreme conditions of space.

Created with the Italian Space Agency, Air Force Captain Samantha Cristoforetti will be Italy's first woman to travel into space as well as the first to have an Italian espresso in orbit.

One of the major challenges in creating an espresso machine that works in space was handling high temperatures and high pressures in a space environment. The plastic tubing that carries the water inside a normal espresso machine was replaced with a special steel tube designed to withstand pressure of more than 400 bar. A pressure washer, which can strip wood from decking, operates at around 100 bar.

The ISSpresso machine weighs around 20kg thanks to its complexity and back-up parts, making its trip to space no small task. Using capsules it will be able to prepare espresso, lungo, tea, broth and more.

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