The British government may fine National Rail £70 million for not improving Wi-Fi at the rate it had promised. Ten times faster internet is wanted within three to four years.

While fining National Rail might seem like a bad move as it tries to spend money on improving connectivity and train services, it may be the only way to have an effect on priorities.

If you've ever used the Wi-Fi on National Rail trains you'll know it's rarely any good, if you can get on at all. The future system should be far more efficient.

Network Rail says commuters will be able to get a connection through equipment installed alongside the track. The current system finds a satellite signal as the train is going along, or doesn't as the case may be.

The total cost of the works should be around £90 million. The BBC has been told the potential £70 million fine may be less because the regulator has made allowances for recent bad weather.

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