The brains over at MIT have managed to construct an intelligent reading device called FingerReader that fits onto a ring. It users a camera to detect written words and then reads them out to the user, initially created for the visually impaired.

The FingerReader is currently a prototype that's been 3D printed to fit a user's finger. The small camera, similar to that found in a smartphone, is able to recognise words as the finger scans across the page. A synthesised voice then reads these words aloud. This works on books, magazines and even computer screens.

While this device is aimed at the visually impaired it also has a form of line guide for use by those who are totally blind. The ring uses vibrating alerts so when the finger strays from the correct position the users can realign to continue reading the text along the correct line.

Developing the FingerReader has taken three years of software coding, experimenting and working with feedback groups. The device will be brought to market at an affordable price but when that happens isn't yet clear.

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