Data, it's fast becoming the most valuable commodity on the planet. Google and Facebook are no strangers to issues of privacy invasion as they track everything about anyone they can and sell that information to the highest bidder. Don't give yourself away for free, stay anonymous with these simple tools.

At this stage it will simply give you peace of mind that your every search isn’t being tracked. But in the long run, if everyone starts taking their data privacy seriously, big companies may have to start paying to track our personal lives rather than doing it for free and keeping all the money for themselves.


This is a great add-on that works in the background to block trackers for mining your data. While it's running every site you enter will have its various trackers disabled and displayed in the corner of your window. That way you not only know how they're tracking you and who's making money from it, but you're also able to block them and remain anonymous.

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Ghostery works in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox browsers. In the case of Firefox it'll even run on your iOS and Android devices. Thanks to Ghostery blocking things like comment windows, Google, Facebook and Twitter buttons on sites, your browsing is faster. And should you want to use any of those things you can simply hit play and they'll unlock. You'll be surprised how often these appear and how few times you actually use them. Saving you on data usage too then.

Ghostery currently has 1,948 trackers and 2,300 tracking patterns it stops, so you don't have to worry about privacy.


One of the biggest culprits of data tracking is Google, because it's the easiest way to search the web that everyone defaults to using. A fast growing popular alternative, that works just as well, is DuckDuckGo.

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DuckDuckGo is totally anonymous as its doesn't track you or your searches. After years of using Google it will take a little while to adjust to the change but for anonymity it's well worth it.

DuckDuckGo can be added to any browser as the default search so when typing in the address bar it will be used to find your results.

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Tor browser

This is the simplest way to browse the web with total security and anonymity. By installing the Tor browser you're effectively using a false identity when you're online as it gives you a different IP. Then if you're feeling insecure you can simple hit a button and a fresh identity will be given to you.

Tor was originally created with the US Navy in mind but has since become the go-to anonymous browser for journalists, law enforcement officers, activists and more.


If you want total anonymity even on the move then the BlackPhone is for you.

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The software has been drilled into the Android operating system blocking out cross sharing of data and even making sure your calls are encrypted up to the point of hitting the phone network.

The hardware is good too with a 2 Ghz quad-core processor married with 2GB of RAM and a 4.7-inch HD IPS display, the phone comes with 16GB of memory, LTE support and 8 megapixel camera.


This is a cloud storage service that prides itself on "never knowing the plaintext content of the data it is storing". It calls this Zero-Knowledge.

Unlike other offerings the data isn't only encrypted in transit but is also encrypted while in storage. Another layer of protection is added by not storing passwords on the servers meaning access to the encrypted data is near impossible. Even if a SpiderOak employee wanted to access data they couldn't as everything is stored as numbers, not relating to anyone in particular.