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(Pocket-lint) - No longer will you need to untangle and carry around 30 different things, because there's a new all-one-device in the works called Gokey. It'll encourage you to throw away portable phone chargers, USB cords, flash sticks, and all those other small peripherals cluttering up your bag.

Gokey can give your smartphone up to 2 hours of extra battery life. Described as a powerful, smart, and connected device for your keychain, it also serves as a USB cable to sync and charge your phone from any computer. Another stand out feature is a built-in locator that connects over Bluetooth, enabling you to find locate your smartphone or keys. And finaly, it has up to 32GB of flash memory for storing things like music, videos, and files.

Gokey's campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo has just ended successfully, having raised nearly $1 million more than its $40,000 goal. Anyone who pledged at least $59 received an 8GB Gokey. The device is expected to cost $69 when it eventually launches in retail stores. All of the money earned through Indiegogo will help Gokey reach production as well as add features like GPS, USB 3.0, remote access to phone, and a file manager app.

Gokey will be available in either black or white colour finishes. It also offers either Lightning or micro USB connectivity, meaning you can use it with your iPhone, Android, or Windows devices. The 16GB and 32GB versions are expected to cost $79 and $89, respectively.

Watch the promo video above for more information or browse the gallery below.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 4 July 2014.