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(Pocket-lint) - Native Union has released its Jump Cable as a one-of-a-kind charger for iPhone and Android. It not only uses a battery for on the go charging, but also features a full cable allowing mains power access.

Mobile phone batteries are still the greatest weakness of even the best smartphones. While there are plenty of battery pack options out there none are quite same as the Jump Cable. It offers a charge when you're out and about then as soon as you get to a USB port it's possible to charge directly since the cable is built-in.

Essentially you can replace your charger cable with the Jump Cable then without extra effort you're always charging both your phone and the back-up battery at the same time.

The Native Union Jump Cable is about the size of a box of matches and weighs less than two AA batteries. But it offers an 800mAh battery for several extra hours charge. In an iPhone 5S it adds 30 per cent to the battery, or 3 hours of extra talk time.

The Native Union Jump Cable is on sale now for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry from $40.

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Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 23 June 2014.