The phrase "I could use another pair of hands" can finally be taken literally as researchers at MIT have come up with just that. Robotic arms to be precise.

The arms were developed to be worn as a shoulder mounted pack allowing people to take multi-tasking to another level.

The pack, which isn't quite at the level of Doctor Octopus' arms of spider-Man fame, weigh in at 9kg. While the arms will help a person carrying a box to open and open a door, for example, it's still early days.

The really cool part about these robot arms is their ability to learn a user's body movements. Since they're mimicking real arms they can learn how the user works and adapt to predict when movement is needed. So learning to go for the door-knob when you get home laden with shopping bags is a very real possibility.

While, realistically, we're not going to see people wearing these anytime soon they could be useful. For manual workers who need extra hands these may catch on. We're going to wait for a full-body exoskeleton that gives us super strength.

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