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(Pocket-lint) - The pump has run dry and we've pulled the last pint of Meantime. Pocket-lint Tech Tavern, in association with O2, is shutting its doors on a week of tech excitement at The Fable in London.

In celebration of London Technology Week, we wanted to bring technology to real people and give everyone the chance to see some of the best and most exciting products out there. 

From Monday 16 June through to Friday 20 June, we've been in residence doing exactly that, giving people the chance to experience Google Glass, get really personal with the LG G3 or set eyes upon Sony's 4K TV.

The surprise hit of the week was Yike Bike that had people queuing to test it along Holborn Viaduct, and of course, the cheers from the Anki Drive we had set up, that saw you all racing cars in fierce-fought competition.

It's been a week of highs and those days were mixed with entertaining evenings. A night of Sony PS4 gaming saw FIFA 14 footballing skills put to test, followed by an Olympus skills evening resulting in some wonderful model shots. We gave away a few too many drinks, we had our sign stolen and we thoroughly abused the #techtavern hashtag.

With readers, friends, colleagues, rivals, punters off the street, those looking for a table for lunch - not to mention CNN, Sky, BBC, SaxoTV, and London Live - all dropping by, it's been a busy week, giving us the chance to #bemoredog. 

Huge thanks are owed to all those who helped along the way, and of course to our headline sponsors at O2, as well as Meantime and PS4, without whom it wouldn't have all been possible.

Special mention also needs to go out to the Pocket-lint team who all played a role, with Luke keeping Pocket-lint running in the background and never making it to the bar. Although at least he could keep up with the atmosphere of the team working from the Tavern thanks to a time lapse video made using Autographer and the new Mount Adapter.

We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we've enjoyed hosting it, but now we're calling time at The Fable bar.

Perhaps we'll see you next year...

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 20 June 2014.