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(Pocket-lint) - Have you ever been in a situation when an important footy match is on but you're caught in a situation where nipping off to check the result is an absolutely no-no? Your own wedding, perhaps.

Well, the Hotblack watch could be the answer. The soon-to-launch on Kickstarter project centres on an analogue timepiece that contains Bluetooth technology in order to provide live football results in real time.

However, rather than present them on a small digital read-out screen, it uses conventional digital dials on the face to show the score. You'll now what to look for, but bystanders won't even know you're taking a sneaky glance.

The Hotblack watch has a minimalist look, with the band and casing made from 316L brushed stainless steel. It also features a hand-cut sapphire glass front and is therefore scratch proof.

There is a main time dial, as per usual with analogue watches, while three additional dials change in purpose when a pre-determined match is playing. They show the home team score, the away team score and the time remaining respectively.

When no matches are being played, the dials show the date and double as a second hand.

The watch connects to a dedicated Hotblack app on iPhone or Android via Bluetooth. That way, users can choose their favourite teams and whenever a match is about to start, a small receiver in the watch receives indication from the phone.

Hotblack will launch its Kickstarter campaign on 23 June. We'll update when it's underway.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 19 June 2014.