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(Pocket-lint) - Any chance to bring Portal into reality is a good thing in our book, so a 3D printed turret is a welcome creation.

The Portal Turret, designed as a 3D printer file by engineering graduate Yvo de Haas, can be 3D printed by anyone. The turret is able to track humans, aim and even "fire" its guns with sound and light.

The shell itself is 3D printed in 18 parts. The rest of the components require some electrical knowledge to put together. LEDs and servos are in the turret itself but the tracking is done by an attached PC with camera. This tracks colour rather than the body itself.

De Haas said, "I had someone near me who was capable and willing to write the code to track a person. At this point I am capable of writing such a piece of code, but not in the short amount of time I had left before the deadline. Yes, both the firmware and software crash fairly often, but both do work."

The Portal Turret guns remain out at all times and can't be closed into the body like in the game as there was no room for the electrical components, says de Haas.

If you have a 3D printer and want to make your own Portal Turret check out the de Haas Instructables page.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 16 June 2014.