3D printing can be about speeding up the design process, or home printing of parts, but it can also be so much more. No, we're not talking about printing food or human body parts, but toys. Printeer brings 3D printing to children, for fun.

Currently still in its Kickstarter infancy the Printeer is at $26,660 of its $50,000 goal at the time of publishing. But we see it doing well.

All the children need to design and print their own toys is an iPad and a Wi-Fi network.  There's no complicated CAD software or the need for a powerful machine. Children can simply get started after about thirty seconds with the software, claims its creators.

The Printeer itself is also designed to educate children with a clear case with visible, colourful moving parts showing exactly how it works. It prints using PLA materials and can print objects up to 6-inches by 4-inches by 5-inhes.

Kickstarter backers can get a Printeer for $549 until they're all gone. This includes the printer in a choice of four colours.

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