Computer Audio Design has announced a USB cable that it's selling for a mind-boggling £480. Yes, you read that correctly.

Who would pay that? We hear you ask. Audiophiles. Anyone who appreciates high quality music will be a huge fan of the CAD DAC Cable, claims the company. And it's so confident that it's touting a 30-day money-back guarantee for anyone that isn't impressed.

CAD, who won Best Sound Hi-Fi Room, Sound and Vision 2013 at the Bristol Show has launched the proprietary DAC today. The idea is to maximize sound quality from a USB port source. It is hand made in London to combat high-frequency noise which is a problem is all computer audio sources, it says.

The company says: "CAD has employed unique technology in the design of the CAD Cable, to produce an exceptionally low-noise interconnect. The CAD Cable also offers consistency with CAD’s famous sonic neutrality and natural ‘analogue’ sound quality, as evidenced in the award-winning 1543 DAC."

The CAD is available now for £480 which gets you a 1.1 metre length of cable. Other lengths are available,  but they'll cost you even more.

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