Let's be honest. We all fantasise about 8-bit underwear. It's something that comes from too many late-night sessions with Mario back in the day, leaving us with a deep-rooted 8-bit fetish.

Well now you can bring some of that 8-bit love to the real world thanks to Pixel Panties.

Yes, these laser-cut Lycra panties are the brainchild of a pair of designers from Portugal, looking for crowdfunding to make these pants real. 

The high-contrast black and white design leaves a lasting impression, but with a cultural heritage so firmly rooted in the 80s, we can't stop ourselves wanting a neon colour range.

Perhaps there could even be a limited edition Nyan Cat pantie. We'll leave you to ponder on that one.

Come on 8-bit lovers, let's make this happen. This time next year, we'll all be wearing 8-bit underwear.