Plastic Logic has demoed its flexible AMOLED screen that could beat all others to smartphones and wearables soon.

The screens are still in the early stages of development but are already capable of 30 frames per second refresh rates, 256 levels of grey and improved brightness. E Ink should be worried. And if Plastic Logic cracks colour, as it claims it's close to doing, all other screens are in danger too.

The screen represents a new future for mobiles and wearables as it's made of plastic alone. There's no need for glass. That means it can be thinner, lighter and is obviously shatterproof. It's pretty much indestructible and can be bended to fit whatever it sits into – this also means a simpler and cheaper manufacturing process.

While this type of screen is impressive it could be a while before we see it in colour, especially at a level comparable to current AMOLED screens.

With the rumoured iWatch on its way from Apple and competition hotting up in the smartwatch market this could be a huge factor in the market's future. Watch this wrist space.

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