Segway has long been associated with the US police force, especially in certain states. However, until now the professional Patroller class of the electric vehicles have looked much like the existing two-wheeled consumer model.

The Segway SE-3 Patroller has three wheels and looks as science fiction as they come. It is designed to be more robust and be mounted or dismounted quickly. "Our goal was to bring a feature-rich, quality-made three-wheel vehicle to law enforcement and public safety customers at a competitive price," said Rod Keller, president of Segway.

It is powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that can be charged at any standard electrical outlet. Replacement batteries will also be available.

The stand-on vehicle has independent direct rear wheel drive, can travel in reserve and turn in a very tight radius.

It has lockable storage and comes equipped with a 4.3-inch colour display that is sunlight-readable. It provides data such as speed, battery life and distance travelled.

Sadly, it doesn't seem that a DVD or Blu-ray player is included, otherwise officers could watch Demolition Man for inspiration. Probably.

The Segway SE-3 Patroller will start to ship to police and security customers from June.